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Info session at FAIT ICI reveals the strong positioning of Quebec  and some of the challenges that lie ahead

(Montreal, June 9) – Across a range of goods, Quebec is now a major player in terms of organic and sustainable production.

That was the conclusion today at the launch of FAIT ICI, Montreal’s first urban general store. In a discussion on the merits of organic production and the challenges of operating a sustainable business in Quebec, FAIT ICI’s owners, Jackson Wightman and Lindsay Davis were joined by Laurie Goodhart (owner of Fromagerie Domaine de Courval), Julia and Rebecca Sinclair-Smith (owners, Smith Farms), Emilia Sirois (Owner Frootz and Veggies) and Judy Lazar (owner, Credo Bags).

“Quebec has propelled itself to the forefront of organic sustainable production. FAIT ICI wants to showcase Quebec, because we are proud of living here and of being part of this rich community. Our aim is to buy and sell high quality, locally made, sustainable products whenever possible. Consumers also need information about the choices they make. We want to help in this regard,” said Lindsay Davis of FAIT ICI.

Speaking about the importance of producing locally, Judy Lazar of Credo Bags said, “By making our bags  in Montreal, we have stimulated our local economy and a whole chain of local jobs.  From sewing contractors and trimming suppliers to graphic artists and screen printers, we keep it all local. The upside is that we know exactly what goes into our bags.”

Participants mentioned that frustration with available information about products drove them to start their producing . “It started with the questioning of the unrecognizable ingredients in our body lotion, and led to the discovery that we could create excellent products using safe, time-tested and natural ingredients,” said Julia Sinclair-Smith of Smith Farms.

Laurie Goodhart of Domaine de Courval explained that food miles were an important concept. “We are so fortunate that our goats eat hay cropped on the neighboring fields, certified organic grains from Compton, and a wide variety of herbs for their overall vitality, many of which I grow. We’ve become so used to making our cheeses this way that we forget how many people constantly consume food that has travelled thousands of miles.”


FAIT ICI is Montreal’s first urban general store. We carry food, prepared food, bodycare, homelife products, baby wear and care, gifts. As much as possible, the store sources responsibly produced goods that are made locally. FAIT ICI also endeavors to provide consumers with as much information as possible about the products they consume – especially how far a product has travelled, who made it and how it was made. In an era of impersonal, giant stores, FAIT ICI aims to make shopping a fun experience again.

FAIT ICI Media Launch June 9th


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Jackson Wightman

514 605 9255

Quebec: A Bastion of Sustainable, Organic Production?

Quebec Producers speak about the benefits and challenges of organic production to launch FAIT ICI, Montreal’s first urban general store

What: In recent years organic production – whether of food, cleaning and beauty products or other items – has taken off. Concerns about the environment, health and sustainability have fueled this boom. Within Canada, Quebec is a leader in terms of organic sustainable production.

As part of its public launch, FAIT ICI, Montreal’s first urban general store, is hosting an information session on sustainable, organic production in Quebec. A number of Quebec producers will speak about the challenges, costs and benefits of sustainable, organic methods and their specific processes.

All panelists will be available for in-depth interviews following their short presentations.
When: Wednesday, June 9th at 2PM

2519 Notre Dame O (corner Charlevoix)

Interview Opportunities:

  • Lindsay Davis and Jackson Wightman – FAIT ICI
  • Raynald Hébert and Laurie Goodhart –Fromagerie Domaine de Courval
  • Judy Lazar –Credo Bags
  • Emilia Sirois  – Frootz and Veggies
  • Julia and Rebecca Sinclair-Smith – Smith Farms