Not a professional revolutionary, but a chap with revolutionary ambitions

by lindsay on November 28, 2011

Monsieur Tsé-Tsé

The chap you see above is known as Monsieur Tsé- Tsé.

When I first heard his name, sight unseen, I pegged him for a shadowy professional revolutionary à la Che Guevara or Subcommandante Marcos. Not exactly sure what led me to this belief – maybe my degree in security studies – but I was somewhat cautious about “Double T’s” potential for fomenting sedition.

Turned out that the guy was actually a cuddly little creature made of organic cotton (maybe Marcos’ famed balaklava is too?). Not exactly the type of soul who’s prone to overthrowing nasty dictators, or leading gangs of disaffected believers against highly trained national armies.

In any event, Tsé- Tsé, who is produced in Montreal by the amazing folks at Raplapla, has – like the aforementioned professional revolutionaries – high minded ideals. While people may debate the tangible effects of a Guevara or Marcos, there is little doubt that Tsé- Tsé is a man of action and impact.

‘How?,’ you ask.

For starters, 10% of the profits from the sale of Monsieur Tsé- Tsé are donated to UNICEF. Get him for a kid and your are helping other kids too.

Additionally, the young ones tend to love the guy. He brings happiness; what better impact is there than that!

A bonus for you: as I learned, Tsé- Tsé is more into “fitting in” to your household than overturning the established order. Your kingdom is safe :)

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